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I used to be called something else.

I also tend to be a bit slow and behind on everything and everyone. Er. Sorry about that.

Little things about me:

* Mostly harmless.
* I am oblivious to everything that is going on around me.
* I have an OTP in most fandoms.
* I read and read and read... and then re-read.
* I can't count change to save my life. No. Seriously. I *can't*.

Marriage is love.

McShepslash is Love

Interests (147):

adverts, alan cumming, alexander skarsgÄrd, allen francis doyle, andromeda, angst, apollo, architecture, art, au, battlestar galactica, benton fraser, big wolf on campus, billy tallent, biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, black & whites, books, brad colbert, brad/nate, callum keith rennie, canada, candles, candy floss, chicago, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, christianity, cloning, cloning ethics, coffee, colbert/fick, computers, cream, crossovers, csi slash, csi: new york, david gray, david hewlett, dean winchester, denim, doctor who, dogs, don eppes, don strachey, don strachey/tim callahan, donald strachey mysteries, double helix, doyle, due south, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, films, firefly, flashpoint, fraser, geeking, geeks, generation kill, genetics, genome, grey's anatomy, hard core logo, harper, harry potter, harry/ron, hiding places, hiking, hiking boots, hobbits, house, hugh dillon, hurt/comfort, ianto jones, icons, inspector lewis, inspector morse, iolaus, jack/ianto, jensen ackles, joe flanigan, john sheppard, korea, leverage, lewis, life on mars, london, lord of the rings, magnificent 7, mckay/sheppard, mountains, mounties, music, nate fick, ncis, numb3rs, oil paintings, oranges, origami, oz, pasta, paul gross, photography, proteomics, puppies, queer as folk, rain, ray kowalski, reading, regenesis, revelation rock-gospel choir, rodney mckay, ron weasley, sci-fi, science, science fiction, seamus harper, sga, singing, slash, smell of coffee, snow, speed, sports night, star trek, starbuck, stargate atlantis, stark sands, studio 60, supernatural, tennis, the west wing, tim callahan, torchwood, toronto, trees, tv, vancouver, wandering, water, watermelons, wolves, x-men, zombie fear
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